JLogo Holdings Limited is a food and beverage group that owns and operates award-winning restaurants in Singapore under different brands and own one of the largest artisanal bakery chains in Malaysia. Our “Central Hong Kong Café” brand primarily focuses on offering a casual and authentic Cha Chaan Teng experience in a full service environment while our “Black Society” brand offers Chinese cuisines with a contemporary twist in a full service environment. 2 new in-house brands, “Q Café” and "Crazy Rich Thai" were added recently as our post-covid expansion. Crazy Rich Thai  provides stylish and trendy ambience which serves a specialised Thai menu with creative twists. Q Café embraces a floral decor with a creative local inspired western menu. Our artisanal bakery chain in Malaysia offers a wide selection of artisan breads, pastries and cakes under our “Bread Story” brand.


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