Black Society

Our “Black Society” restaurant, which began operations in 2006 under the former name of “BOSSES”, provides a wide range of innovative and contemporary Chinese cuisines set in a stylish and black-coloured theme interior design, offers new twists to popular Cantonese dim sum and other traditional Chinese banquet dishes. Our menu continues to evolve as we incorporate other regional flavours and trendy elements into traditional Chinese cuisines. We continue to introduce innovative menu items such as our popular dishes “Shanghai steamed meat dumpling in lobster bisque”, “Singapore chilli crab” and “spicy cordycep flower with jellyfish”. We also refine existing dishes to keep up with market trends, varying customer tastes, shifting food and nutrition trends, and feedback from our customers.


We offer seasonal menus in our “Black Society” restaurant during festive seasons such as Chinese New Year and Mothers’ day. Our “Black Society” restaurant also provides our customers with a suitable venue for event hosting such as corporate dinners, product launches, parties, functions and weddings. Our event hosting services include customised menus and other out-of-restaurant items upon request.